Glass Fencing

Glass Fencing

Windbreaks & Poolside

We can design windbreaks for commercial and business purposes.
For cafes and bars in particular, windbreaks are dual-purpose; they provide a barrier against the wind and prevent pedestrians from walking through dining areas.

Sandblasted designs can be added to advertise the business name. Tinted glass can also be fitted to reduce glare from the sun.
Our windbreaks can be custom built to form full size fences.
Clear glass and stainless steel fittings blend seamlessly into the environment, so as not to detract from the surroundings.

Our frameless windbreaks use Grade-A toughened glass to prevent against breaks.

Our pool fences can be designed to complement the surroundings.

For framed and semi-frameless fences we offer a range of colours of powder-coated aluminium to suit your taste.
Gates are also customizable, and can be aluminium or glass.

Make your glass pool fence a feature of your outdoor project, rather than an added extra!

This pool fence compliments a beautiful set of bi fold doors and polished concrete pavers.

The fully frameless design allows for unobstructed views of the pool and garden, blending seamlessly into the surroundings.